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Volumetric Analysis

The analysis of material volumes can play a critical part in a project’s design, the control and monitoring of site operations and after the project’s completion.

The volumetric analysis of survey data can be used in a variety of ways.

3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) are created from which the analysis is carried out.

This is usually a comparison between the original ground level survey and the proposed new levels.

Examples of Volumetric Analyses carried out

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Presentation of Volumetric Data

The example below details an exercise to design a road layout and calculate the cut and fill earthworks quantities.

A full topographical survey is carried out on site

OGL survey

the proposed roadline is superimposed onto the survey, taken directly from the relevant architects drawing.

OGL Survey + Proposed Roadline

Taking account of maximum allowable road gradients, crossfall or camber requirements and existing site levels, proposed finished levels are added to the road layout, and a DTM is created. This is shown also battered up or down to the original ground levels.

Proposed road profile

Cut and fill volumes are calculated and tabulated, giving the client valuable pricing/tendering information.

Cut/Fill Volumes Table

Rendered 3D view of the proposed final shape showing original and proposed profiles.Area of proposed cut and fill can be visualised.