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Area Surveys

Area surveys are an invaluable tool at numerous stages of a development project as follows

  • Tendering Stage – To allow the accurate costing of works, architects/engineers layout drawings can be imported into our software to allow area calculations of surfaces e.g asphalt, planting, pavements, road construction, concrete slabs, drainage excavations etc
  • Surveying Stage – The OGL site survey can be used to calculate areas and volumes of down taking material to be removed from site prior to works commencing. E.g existing slabs, paving, tarmac etc
  • Construction Stage – Checking of sub contractors measurements of works carried out at various stages of the contract
  • Contract Completion – Final As built Survey to calculate final areas of completed works to assist in final account submissions

In the agricultural sector, accurate area surveys can also be carried out to ascertain and monitor crop yield data.
Farmland and field areas can be surveyed and recorded.Where areas to be surveyed have significant level changes, both plan and surface areas can be calculated