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Monitoring Surveys

We can carry out monitoring surveys where there is a need to accurately and regularly record if there is any movement in a structure.This could be where there is risk of movement due to adjacent site works or possibly movement due to a nearby railway line or even due to the condition of the building itself.

We can set up a series of target points which can be monitored on a regular basis giving any early indication of movement.


We use Leica Total stations with reflectorless technology which allows “point and shoot” measurements to inaccessible points

Monitoring work can be carried out to the following

  • Building Facades
  • Bridges
  • Retaining Walls
  • Structures close to building site works
  • Buildings with a risk of movement due to age/building materials

Presentation of monitoring results can be in spreadsheet format showing recorded 3D movement relative to previous and/or original readings.