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Earth Bank Slurry Lagoon


On this Dumfries & Galloway dairy farm, Hamilton Surveys were required to carry out an field level survey and then provide the 3D design of earth banked slurry lagoon to hold an capacity of 3million gallons. Using our n4ce modelling software, we were able to create a 3d design model to  the required capacity dimensions and banking gradients, within the confines of the field area, and with a balance of the cut and fill earthmoving quantities. This assisted the client in pricing and subsequently carrying out the works.


During Construction ground water was reached slightly above theoretical lagoon formation level. The lagoon was redesigned at that point to keep the base level where it was excavated to and amend one of the internal batter locations to maintain the holding capacity . An as built survey was carried out once the earthworks were completed to check on actual capacity, prior to the lagoon being lined.

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